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59.   Depression among Korean Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Ansan-Community-Based Epidemiological Study
Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives. 2015; 6(4): 224-232. Chan Young Park, So Young Kim, Jong Won Gil, Min Hee Park, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding), Yeonjung Kim(corresponding)
58.   Cross-cultural validation of Cancer Communication Assessment Tool in Korea
Psychooncology. 2015; 24(2): 197-203. Dong Wook Shin, Jooyeon Shin, So Young Kim, Boram Park, Hyung-Kook Yang, Juhee Cho, Eun Sook Lee, Jong Heun Kim, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)
57.   Improvement of diabetes and hypertension after gastrectomy: A nationwide cohort study
World Journal of Gastroenterology. 2015; 21(4): 1173-1181. Eun Kyung Lee, So Young Kim, You Jin Lee, Mi Hyang Kwak, Hak Jin Kim, Il Ju Choi, Soo-Jeong Cho, Young Woo Kim, Jong Yeul Lee, Chan Gyoo Kim, Hong Man Yoon, Bang Wool Eom, Sun-Young Kong, Min Kyong Yoo, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding), Keun Won Ryu
56.   The Economic Burden of Cancer in Korea in 2009
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. 2015; 16(3): 1295-1301. So Young Kim, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding), Kyoung Hee Kang, Inuk Hwang, Hyung Kook Yang, Young-Joo Won, Hong-Gwan Seo, Dukhyoung Lee, Seok-Jun Yoon
55.   Attitudes toward participating in Phase I clinical trials: an investigation with patient-family-physician triads
Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology . 2016; 46(12): 1095-1101. Dong Wook Shin, Juhee Cho, So Young Kim, Hyung Kook Yang, BeLong Cho, Dong-Bok Shin, Mi Son Chun, Young Joo Min, Young-Woo Kim, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)
54.   Health system is a fundamental cause of Korea’s thyroid-cancer “epidemic”
British Medical Journal. 2016; 355:i5745 : 355. So Young Kim, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)
53.   Avoidance of cancer communication, perceived social support, and anxiety and depression among patients with cancer
Psychooncology . 2016; 25(11): 1301-1307. Ansuk Jeong, Dong Wook Shin(corresponding), So Young Kim, Hyung Kook Yang, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)
52.   Expected and perceived efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine: A comparison views of patients with cancer and oncologists
Complementary Therapies in Medicine. 2016; 28: 29-36. Sang Hyuck Kim, Dong Wook Shin(corresponding), You-Seon Nam, So Young Kim, Hyung-kook Yang, Be Long Cho, Keeho Park, Heui-Sug Jo, Chang-Yeol Yim, Sin Kam, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)
51.   Does Skipping Breakfast and Being Overweight Influence Academic Achievement Among Korean Adolescents?
Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives. 2016; 7(4): 220-227. Yang Wha Kang(corresponding), Jong Hyock Park
50.   Attitudes towards second opinion services in cancer care: A nationwide survey of oncologists in Korea
Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2016; 46(5): 441-117. Dong Wook Shin, Juhee Cho, Hyung Kook Yang, So Young Kim, Hyung Kyun Mok, Hyejin Lee, Seon Mee Park, Jung Sik Huh, Junsun Ryu, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)