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8.   Estimation of the Cumulative Exposure Frequency and Cumulative Effective Dose of Diagnostic Medical Radiation in the Korean Population from 2002 to 2010
Radiation Protection Dosimetry. 2017; 176(3): 203-210. Jong-Won Gil, So Young Kim, Woo-Yoon Park, Won-Dong Kim, Young-Sung Lee, Gil-Won Kang, Dong-Wook Shin, Chan-Young Park, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)
7.   What cancer means to the patients and their primary caregivers in the family‐accounted Korean context: A dyadic interpretation
Psychooncology . 2017; 26(11): 1777-1783. Ansuk Jeong, Ji Yeong An, Jong Hyock Park, Keeho Park(corresponding)
6.   Awareness about past diagnosis and treatment history: nationwide survey of childhood cancer survivors and their parents
Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2017; 47(10): 962-968. Eunmi Ahn, Hyeon Jin Park, Hee Jo Baek, Pyoung Han Hwang, Young Ho Lee, Byung-Kiu Park, Young So Kim, Hye-Young Shim, Dongwook Shin, Hyung Kook Yang, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding), Kyung Duk Park(corresponding)
5.   Perceived social support and its impact on depression and health-related quality of life: a comparison between cancer patients and general population
Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2017; 47(8): 728-734. Hyosang Yoo, Dong Wook Shin(corresponding), Ansuk Jeong, So Young Kim, Hyung-kook Yang, Jun Suk Kim, Ji Eun Lee, Jae Hwan Oh, Eun-Cheol Park, Keeho Park, and Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)
4.   Influence of Socioeconomic Status, Comorbidity, and Disability on Late-stage Cancer Diagnosis
Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives. 2017; 8(4): 264-270. Bo Ram Park, So Young Kim, Dong Wook Shin, Hyung Kook Yang, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)
3.   Cross-cultural application of the Korean version of the EORTC QLQ-ELD14 questionnaire for elderly patients with cancer
Journal of Geriatric Oncology. 2017; 8(4): 271-276. Ae Jin Goo, DongWook Shin, Hyung Kook Yang, Jong Hyock Park, So Young Kim, Joo Yeon Shin, Young Ae Kim, Changhoon Kim, Nam-Soo Hong, Young Joo Min, Keeho Park(corresponding)
2.   Attitudes Toward Family Involvement in Cancer Treatment Decision Making: The Perspectives of Patients, Family Caregivers, and Their Oncologists
Psychooncology . 2017; 26(6): 770-778. Dong Wook Shin, Juhee Cho, Debra L. Roter, So Young Kim, Hyung Kook Yang, Keeho Park, Hyung Jin Kim, Hee-Young Shin, Tae Gyun Kwon, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)
1.   Analysis of Hospital Volume and Factors Influencing Economic Outcomes in Cancer Surgery: Results from a Population-based Study in Korea
Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives. 2017; 8(1): 34-36. Jung-A Lee, So Young Kim, Keeho Park, Eun-Cheol Park, Jong Hyock Park(corresponding)