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19 2022.04
Chungbuk National University Health Science Convergence Research Center Recruitment Announcement

◎ Recruitment field and qualification requirements Health Science Convergence Research InstituteRecruitment of researchers Assigned Task·Big data analysis using multi-agency secondary data-Used data: National Health Insurance Service claim data, National Cancer Center cancer registration data, Statistics Korea death data, NEDIS data, survey of the disabled, etc- Subjects of the study: cancer patients, disabled people, and the elderly· Preparation of research plans/boxes and research planning work for project execution Qualification Requirements·Education: Graduate School (Master) or higher (Applicable to prospective graduates)·Career: No relation to experience  Preferential Treatment·Major: Nursing, medicine, and health science· Those who have excellent computer skills·Excel advanced ability holder·Excellent document preparation·Excellent presentation skills·Statistical analysis and research expert·Master's degree recipient·A Ph.D. recipient ◎ Working conditions·Work behavior: Contract workers *Extended depending on performance·Working date: 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) 9:00 a.m6 p.m·Salary: Decision after interview (decision after consultation)·Working area: (286544) Chungbuk National University (Gaesin-dong) 1 Chungdae-ro, Seowon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do◎ Screening procedure· Documentation > First Interview > Final Acceptance·The interview schedule will be notified later only for successful applicants.◎ Period and method of application·Reception period: Recruitment at all times·Reception method: E-mail reception·Receptionist: bia0221@gmail.com·History format: Free style· Inquiries about support: Contact e-mail (bia0221@gmail.com) or 043)261-2873◎References·This lab is attended by five PhD-level researchers (major in preventive medicine/medical management/health policy).·As many research projects are being carried out, it is possible to secure funding and continue working.·The contract period can be extended depending on the performance.·In the case of salary, it is calculated according to the final return and research experience.·It is a good institution to write a thesis because it provides SCI-class hesitation opportunities every year.·Incentives will be provided depending on the paper performance, and additional professors at Chungbuk National University can be appointed depending on the paper performance.·We provide various education, seminars, and opportunities to participate in overseas conferences related to big data.·There is no unreasonable culture in the lab.·If false information is found, the recruitment may be canceled.