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The leading Institute of Health & Science Convergence for convergence research
innovation in health, medicine, welfare, and new technologies

Director of Institute of Health & Science Convergence Professor
Jong-hyock Park

Academic Background
  • 1996. 03 ~ 2002. 02 Chungbuk National University College of Medicine,
    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • 2003. 03 ~ 2006. 02 Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health, Master of Public Health (Major of Health Care Management and Policy)
  • 2006. 09 ~ 2008. 08 Seoul National University Graduate School of Medicine, Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine (Major of Health Policy and Management
  • 2008. 09 ~ 2009. 02 National Cancer Center, Advanced Program for Health & Welfare Management
  • 2014. 03 ~ Present Professor at the College of Medicine/Graduate School
    of Medicine and Biomedical Convergence, Chungbuk National University
  • 2015. 06 ~ Present Director of Chungbuk Tabacco control Center
  • 2015. 05 ~ Present Director of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Chungcheong Regional Center for Respiratory Disease
  • 2016. 04 ~ Present Commissioner of the Disability Policy Future Forum and Public Rehabilitation Forum, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • 2018. 01 ~ Present General affairs planning director of the Korean Association of Health Care for People with Disabilities
  • 2019. 07 ~ Present Director of the Korean Society of Global Health
  • 2019. 02 ~ 2020. 08 Visiting Scientist, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  • 2021. 02. ~ Present Director of the Institute of Health and Science Convergence
  • 2021. 06. ~ Present 충청북도 공공보건의료지원단 단장
  • 2011 13th Annual Disability Rights Award, Disability Rights Practice Sector, Korea Differently Abled Federation
  • 2017 Minister of Health and Welfare Commendation, Commemoration
    of the 10th Cancer Prevention Day (Chungbuk Regional Cancer Center)
  • 2017 Minister of Health and Welfare Commendation, Regional Tabacco control Center Business Achievement Contest (Chungbuk Tabacco control Center)
  • 2019 Scientist of the Month, National Research Foundation of Korea,
    Ministry of Science and ICT
Welcome to the Institute of Health & Science Convergence Homepage.

Our society has recently experienced rapid changes in socioeconomic conditions and environments surrounding health, medicine, and welfare. This has included a rapid decrease in birth rates and accelerated aging of the population, changes in disease patterns such as the increase of chronic and environmental diseases, and socioeconomic disparities and the worsening of health inequalities following rapid industrialization and urbanization.

The existing health paradigm, which has centered on ‘disease treatment’, is transitioning into ‘increasing years of healthy life and improving quality of life through disease prevention and healthcare’, in response to the Healthcare 3.0 era. The technological changes of the 4th industrial revolution are also breaking the boundaries of the current healthcare industry. Past medical approaches, which focused on the disease management of individuals, can no longer entirely fulfill the health needs of modern people. Pre-emptive and integrated preventive approaches must be taken to ensure that health needs are addressed and to promote the health of the diversified population. For example, this could include a population approach, an evidence-driven scientific approach, and a socioecological and multidisciplinary approach. In addition, a paradigm shift in healthcare science that corresponds to new innovations is required.

The Institute of Health and Science Convergence was established to create the knowledge, technology, and scientific evidence needed to improve public health welfare and overcome public social issues. This has been achieved through the establishment of a convergence system of health, medicine, welfare, and new technologies (ICT, AI, IoT, 3D printing, etc.) based on the big data of various sectors (healthcare, social welfare, environment, food, etc.) which are rapidly expanding in response to changing healthcare environments, paradigm shifts, and societal needs. We aim to substantially contribute to the development of ‘sustainable’ healthcare and welfare policies that can actively respond to the rapidly changing needs of our times.

We ask for your interest and support for our Institute of Health and Science Convergence so that we can grow as a leading research institution for convergence research innovation that encompasses health, medicine, welfare, and new technologies. We are activating multidisciplinary convergence research, fostering convergent talented individuals with global competitiveness, encouraging active support for the health science technology sector from government departments, discovering new projects, and building a close network for the future between industries, academia, research institutes, and the government agencies.