Institutes of Health &
Science Convergence

Vision & Strategy

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Purpose of Establishment

We aim to produce empirical knowledge, technology, and scientific evidence to improve public health welfare and solve societal issues for our population. We strive to present a ‘sustainable’ healthcare and welfare system as well as policy countermeasures that can actively respond to rapidly changing societal needs and technological advances. We expect to achieve this by establishing a comprehensive and systematized database integrating areas of health, medicine, welfare, and technology, and by implementing multidisciplinary convergence research development projects

Vision and Promotion Strategy

  • Vision

    A leading research institute that fulfills social values through convergence research innovation in health, welfare, and science technologies, while also developing sustainable healthcare and welfare policies

  • Purpose
    • Activate multidisciplinary convergence research on health, medicine, welfare, and new technologies, and create effective research outcomes
    • Address unmet needs in the health and welfare sectors by commercializing user-centered customized healthcare services and devices.
    • Identify a leading policy agenda that can effectively respond to rapidly changing societal needs and environmental changes
  • Strategy
    • 01

      Expand multidisciplinary convergence research infrastructure

    • 02

      Design multi-disciplinary integrated DB and analyze big data

    • 03

      Promote creative convergence research and discover
      new projects

    • 04

      Develop universal design and barrier-free living-convenience devices and technologies.

    • 05

      Secure research competitiveness by fostering core convergent talented individuals.

    • 06

      Create synergy by establishing a close cooperation system between industries, academia, research institutes, and the government agencies